Dear Capricorn, your knack for patience, timing and precision make you a contented pragmatist at heart. Even in the most rustic of circumstances, you are able to forge your own path with mastery, never wasting time, energy or money. In the small quiet towns of Molise, it's not uncommon to suddenly hear the commotion of an old woman herding a flock of sheep with the command of a tiny bell. Thus, for you, the Tintilia del Molise demonstrates your strength and discipline.  Tasting Notes: “This wine has velvety tannins with red plum, tobacco, cocoa powder, licorice, blackberry and cloves. It goes well with the hearty and healthy cuisine of the area.”

Capricorn - Tintilia del Molise by Claudio Morelli 'Macchiarossa' 2014