Dear Libra, your innate sense of fairness and diplomacy align with ideals of Rome, home of the storied Roman senate. For this, your essence comes through in a Cesanese, a quintessential red wine of Rome. You understand balance better than all, so what could be better than this interesting table wine cultivated in the region of Lazio.  Tasting Notes: “This wine is lower in tannins – similar to a Barbera. It’s round and has a lovely spice, like black pepper, cardamom, red fruits, currants, and a bit of a dried herb character akin to oregano. As a small producer, Damiano is similar to Ariana Occhipinti with a limited supply and a great following. His wines have style, and he keeps raising the bar. ”

Libra - Cesanese by Damiano Ciolli 2019