Dear Sagittarius, in the towns of Tuscany, the divide between equine and human is dissolved when each town unbridles its passion for the annual Palio horse races. Being the archer, you find freedom and empowerment when seeking a target off in the distance. Whether you’re in the city of Siena or an ancient bath with lingering traces of Etruscan centaurs, you are most grounded when reminded of the majesty of horses. For this reason, a Sangiovese Grosso, an elegant wine named after the blood of jove, works for your freedom-loving palate.  Tasting Notes: “These biodynamic wines by a woman wine-maker are so ridiculously good. They can be hard to come by, too. I love the high-toned red fruits of this Sangiovese. It reminds me of horses in the way they walk and stand up straight with such elegance. This is truly a beautiful wine.”

Sagittarius - Sangiovese by Stella di Campalto, Rosso di Montalcino 2015